PARCC for 3rd Grade
PARCC For 3rd Grade


On April 27th, our Third Grade students will begin taking the PARCC Assessment.  Since this test is completed electronically, there will be different testing dates for each Third Grade class.  As we approach the testing window, a schedule of your child’s testing dates will be provided.


What can you as parents do to assist your child?

It is important that children begin their day with breakfast, especially during testing.  This nutritional supplement will provide children with energy as they work to complete the various sections of the test.  If your child is not eating at home, breakfast will be afforded to each child on their assigned test days.  Our early breakfast doors open at 7:55 each day and students may enter through the breakfast doors in the rear of the building or from the playground doors.  

Sleep is another important requirement for success in school.  We ask you to be mindful of bedtime routines especially during this week to ensure that all of our students have plenty of rest.

Finally, students should be able to get outside to clear their heads and stretch their legs.  Please provide them with time to exercise.

Please note that students will not be testing all morning, as in the past.  Test sessions are no longer than 90 minutes.